In Passage to the Corporate E-Mail System, FREE Stuff in the First Month
In Passage to the Corporate E-Mail System, FREE Stuff in the First Month

It is not necessary anymore to invest thousands of dollars for using corporate e-mail addresses. You pay monthly usage fee depending on the number of e-mail accounts, and you obtain the opportunity to use the same e-mail infrastructure as the greatest companies in the world.


What are the Advantages of this System?


♦ You can obtain full synchronization with all your devices. In other words, the e-mails existing in your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet and smart phones are processed in a single center. There remains no need to realize a process again in your device for an e-mail you read, delete or send in another device. The same process is realized automatically also in the other devices with full integration.


♦ If you are tired of SPAM e-mails including advertisements, the “Corporate E-mail Service” is very suitable for you! Thanks to the improved SPAM filter, most of such e-mails are blocked before they arrive in your mailbox, and you do not have to deal with spam e-mails.


♦ Thanks to the OWA application, the familiar Outlook screen is in front of you in every computer having internet connection. Moreover, all of the folders you formed in your computer are in their regular locations.


♦ If you wish, you can view all of the e-mails sent and received by all of the personnel, having e-mail account in your company, through a single address.


♦ Thanks to the daily back up system, you can recover an e-mail even if you permanently deleted said e-mail from your rubbish box.


♦ In the corporate E-Mail Service, you only pay as much as you use. You do not make a commitment. In the monthly payment system, we only invoice the e-mail accounts which are desired to be used in a month.


For more information and for your request of free use for 1 month, you can contact us through our communication channels.


Note: The corporate e-mail system is provided through “Microsoft Hosted Exchange” in the “Bida MVM” data center.

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