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In 21st June 1948 at 11.00 o’clock, Tom Killburn pressed the button of the first computer, and instructed the computer with its first task: Find the 18th degree multiplier of two. This instruction, which is very easy to fulfill by the computers of today, was presenting one of the most important technological inventions of the century years ago. In an article published in year 1949 in Popular Mechanics which was a famous science magazine, it was mentioned that “in the future, the computers will be lighter than 1.7 tones”. Some people did not believe in this, and it was a dream to have laptop computers measured in grams instead of kilograms and measured in millimeters instead of meters.


Today, pocket computers, which have a weight in grams, are popularly used. In our era where technology is very rapidly developing and where thousands of alternatives as hardware and software are put onto the market, the most important question is that; how and in which direction shall the informatics infrastructure of my company be developed, how can I obtain the maximum advantage/cost ratio?


As Bida, we establish a different bond with the companies with which we make Technical Support/Consultancy Agreement. Our vision is that “we take precautions for preventing problems” instead of the attitude that “we give technical support in case of a problem”. We recommend the most suitable solutions to you among the improvements in the technology world, during the agreement period by taking into consideration the present and future growing volume of your company. We discuss in detail your considerations and questions like “Does this investment meet the needs of my company?” or “Do I make excessive investment?”, and we explain the reasons to you in a detailed manner, and we do not allow money-labor-time loss.


Here is the formula we have found for you; EFFICIENCY = CORRECTLY MADE TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT.


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